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No longer do you have to feel like you are on your own, no more decisions by yourself, or hours at night wondering how to compose that tricky email. Not only will I be by your side but you will have the support and wisdom of other dedicated, highly empowered dance bosses also on the programme via the calls and the facebook group The HIVE.

Can I add you to my mail list my lovelies? I will send you weekly emails with business tips, guidance, trainings, events and opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Through my membership and coaching programmes I aim to empower you to learn more, implement new exciting strategies, create goals which I will keep you accountable to and teach you leadership skills that will sky rocket your team and families to truly become your
dream school.


Cost £50 per month

In the spark membership programme you will receive fortnightly live group coaching calls with me designed to teach, inspire, create action plans and grow together.

These take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 9.30-10.30am GMT

These are recorded and held in our members area on the website for you to watch back again and again. 

The HIve

This is our members only hangout. You will find us on Facebook in our private group which is full of inspiring, ambitious and dedicated dance business owners. The group is 100% dedicated to not just their own vision but to helping others. It is incredibly supportive so you may rest knowing you never have to make another business decision alone again. This is also where I answer questions and give daily advice to you. 

In the HIve you will also find our "experts' these are amazing professionals that all have specialist knowledge in areas where I feel you may need help. For example we have an accountant, a website designer, a social media strategist and more. 

You can grab yourself an accountability buddy. Someone to work alongside to encourage you and hold you accountable to your goals and plans - very powerful indeed. 

The 1 x hour live calls will give you an opportunity to ask questions and get personalised answers as well as the support and wisdom from your fellow empowering dance business buddies!

1-1 Bespoke Coaching

For those that wish to receive very individual 1-1 bespoke coaching I shall guide you in serious growth and business change. This package may be for you if you sense that you may need help on a more personal level or wish for quicker change to happen in your dance business.
For £500 you will receive 6 x hours of online coaching via Zoom.

We shall start by evaluating how your business is currently performing and what it is you wish to make progress with. Then together we shall create a plan or project for the remaining sessions where I will guide you and teach you how to make the required positive changes. There will be a strong intention of achieving your desired results and I shall be holding you accountable with my gentle pokey stick!

Email Deborah to apply for a 1-1, 6 x hour package

Places are extremely limited on the 1-1 Bespoke Coaching packages as Deborah only takes on a few clients per year.



There will be the option to purchase extensive training videos called Masterclasses. These will be categorised into different areas of business and will help to take you step by step through glorious strategies. They shall be cut down into several short easy to follow videos and sometimes backed up with printable resources like work books, templates, checklists etc… to make it really easy to learn. The aim is to create one per month building a wonderful library over time on exactly “how to” do just about everything in your business.



I have run my dance school for 27 years, my franchise theatre school for 11, been an ISTD examiner for 5 years, and a tutor delivering the ISTD teaching qualifications for 15. At one time I had over 800 students on my books spread across 5 branches. But then something strange happened. It turned into an uncontrollable monster. I lacked management skills, suffered the fallout from the recession back in 2008, and went through huge personal hardship when my marriage broke down. The dance world and business were changing and I frankly didn't change with it.

Many years on, I found myself burn out, just about ready to give up and certainly feeling hugely lost in business. I tried and tried but whatever I did I just couldn't get back on my feet.

So at make or break stage I invested in a business coach. I invested every last penny in a long and extensive business mentoring scheme aimed at dance studio owners. I studied marketing, retention, business strategies in relation to the dance world,  customer services, finances, planning, social media, team nurturing, leadership, systems, processes, the list goes on. I read over 30 business books, went on business retreats (I literally flew to Australia for a 4 days retreat) attended summits, webinars you name it.

I was crazy for new knowledge. Soon implementing my newly learned skills started to pay off. I experienced wonderful growth in my businesses, got my CEO mojo back and turned my schools around. That is where I thought my story would end…

… but I saw friends and fellow dance bosses sharing the same struggles that I had experienced. Knowing I had the answers I found it difficult to sit back and watch them struggle. I started to share at every opportunity. Little bits of valuable information that I had learned . People started commenting “why didn’t I know this already”. Soon after I was approached not once but three times in a week from dance school principals asking to pay for
my help.

The rest was history as they say. Dance Business Lab was born and 1-1 coaching began. The facebook group The HIVE was formed in order to connect my business clients together and start a community of like minded ambitious and empowered dance bosses.

Now the new membership coaching programme is the next step so that I can reach more of you and really try to make a difference to the business mindset of the dance industry.

Are you ready for the ride? It will be hard work, I  kid you not. I won't be doing anything for you, it will still be down to you but I will be supporting you and teaching you all I can.


“Having Deborah as a ‘Business Bestie’ was a life-line that we needed; someone else to challenge or question us on things, open our eyes to how others may see. It’s like having a third team member, helping you celebrate the highs and learn from the lows.”

Amy Reynolds

Groove Child Syllabus

“It makes me wonder where my school would be if you were there 12 years ago. Any new dance school owner would be mad not to hire you.You have made an incredible difference to me and my school.”

Lucy Lovick