Lead Like Never Before

In the Lead Like Never Before masterclass I aim to guide you through a series of videos, workbook and resources that will show you how to be an awesome leader and get results from your team. I shall show you how to get your team on side and passionate about your schools mission and growth.

There will be templates so you don't have to create them, which include a powerpoint presentation template, team planning document, team assessment document and 5 videos guiding you on how to lead your team beautifully and effortlessly. By the end of the masterclass my aim is for you to feel in control, organised and on top of ensuring you have the best team possible. No more burying our heads in the sand or being afraid to tell our teams what we need. My approach is gentle but firm, caring but inspiring and you will absolutely love the new "you" that you create via this powerful Masterclass training.

I can't wait to hang out with you and talk you through step by step in these short easy to follow classes.

Video class #1
Let's talk about you as a leader and where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Using the video and workbook together in video 1 we shall be working on shifting your mindset to a truly positive and empowered new way of thinking. I shall help you to get ready for the exciting steps you shall learn in the rest of the masterclass. Are you ready for the new you!
Video class #2

Inside this video class you shall learn one of my most powerful tools and methods for leading your teachers and nurturing your team. In here there is a model template for you to use to create an inspiring and revealing 1-1 session in a non invasive and non judgmental way but that has huge results. you are going to love this one. Be sure to download the resource for video 2 "done for you template"

Video class #3 

It's time to get to really know your team and discover what makes them tick. Uncover what makes them individually feel appreciated and loved and how to use this to your advantage to really be there for them in ways you have never achieved before.

Video Class #4

This video is all about communication and creating the flow in your business that requires your team to be active and willing to show up for you. Here I will teach you systems and ways to build the structure for leading and mentoring your team that can be replicated for years to come.

Video class #5

Some final precious tips and powerful suggestions for communication and use of language. Finally we round up by loving on our teams and feeling completely in control of our teams development and well being. You will feel empowered, excited and in complete control when you have completed this masterclass. Enjoy!!

So let's go, what are you waiting for! Come join me my lovelies...