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How admin was sucking all the fun out of my love for my business

I wanted to find out from you if you are an absolute boss babe when it comes to implementing and using technology in your business or does the mere thought of the word make you run for the hills and break out in a sweat?

Would you believe at the last count I am using 16 different apps, systems and software to run my businesses. The interesting thing is they all fall into roughly FOUR categories:





I cannot actually imagine my life without any of these nowadays. Without my time saving tech I would be up until midnight taking hours and hours over simple tasks (for example invoices, chasing payments, entering enrolment forms, checking bank statements, emailing parents, to name a few) but now I don’t need to do any of those things - thanks to technology.

Am I a super duper techie person? No totally not, haha, in fact I am one of those people that spends considerable time getting my head around technology, it doesn’t come easily to me.

I wanted to share with you just how much today’s very clever tech stuff could transform your businesses if you have the mindset to embrace some of it.


I use software to keep order, to help me stay organised, to follow consistent procedures and to keep focused and on top of my business tasks. No more scraps of paper, notes written all over the place or team members that have no clue what they are doing. With my systems my whole life feels organised, simple and above all manageable.


This is the biggy for me. I went from doing at least 20 hours per week on admin to only 3 hours per week when I started implementing the apps and software that now do so many jobs for me. Literally no joke, once set up there are now parts of my business running on automatic pilot. The best part is however that my students and families also receive a far more professional service as a result.


I am most definitely not a graphic designer but I can produce beautiful facebook posts, newsletters, posters, exam forms, invoices, blogs and much more. My businesses now are always fully branded and stunning looking. I have no graphic design training whatsoever.

The upside to all of this is my dance businesses look professional, well run and are easy for me to manage. Did you know I currently run 5 businesses all by myself and only work Mon-Friday 9-5pm.


So how does your week look?

Do you teach many hours and spend even more in your office tackling the admin? If I could look at your business and reduce your admin time in half, what would you do with all the new spare time?

Have a social life? Spend more time with family? Go shopping more often? Start a hobby, or class for yourself? Learn a new skill?

I would dearly love for you to earn the same money but work way less hours. I worked 70 hours per week at one time and yet now I have plenty of time to myself and for my loved ones.

Did I implement all this technology quickly and easily - no! Did it take time and long hours setting it all up - well yes?

But look at me now.

Sounds good Deborah - but where do I start, what do I need? What is this magic software or much needed apps?

I can show you how I will teach you all of my systems and technology. I promise this will be a game changer for you. This Masterclass should be costing you hundreds because the value in it is worth a small fortune. However I made a pledge to keep each Masterclass the same price so you will get this for next to nothing.


Until next month, take care my lovelies.

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