Social Media for Dance Bosses

Social Media for dance Bosses is a simple to follow series of 4 videos and a workbook to talk you through and learn more about social media.

I shall share with you the reasons why Social Media is so important in this day and age, the Do’s and Dont’s, what to post, when and how, groups versus pages, competitions, hashtags, profiles, gaining more followers, insights, free versus paid and so much more.

This is an important part of your attraction strategy and a not to be missed training to really help you grow your school.

Video class #1: Facebook
In this video I shall be sharing some staggering statistics with you and explain why and how to use social media to your advantage. I shall be encouraging a little market research and a couple of quick action steps to help before we get stuck in.
Video class #2

Now let us talk about what to post, how often and how to structure and schedule your social media. Using the workbook I shall take you step by step through this training help you create a simple process for scheduling and also creating a structure to your social media so this can be delegated or done quickly and efficiently. Saving you hours of time.

Video class #3 

Let’s chat about competitions, groups versus pages, paid advertising, free advertising, and finally to wrap up Facebook some Do’s & Don’ts

Video class #4: Instagram

Basics, setting up a profile, how it differs form Facebook, how to get followers, hashtags, stories,