50 Ways To Attract New Students

50 Ways To Attract New Students is a great mixture of training and consists of a 23 page workbook packed full of different attraction strategies and also a series of 6 short video trainings designed to add further information to the workbook.

Video class #1
In this introductory video you will start to see how you can map out your 12 months marketing strategies and some helpful insights into the amount you should spend. We shall be focusing on 5 different areas and types of marketing in each of the subsequent videos to follow.
Video class #2

This video dives into the first strategy which is online visibility and offers 10 valuable ways to become visibly seen online.

Video class #3 

In section 2 we chat about 10 ideas on how to grow your numbers using your current customers who are already your raving fans!

Video Class #4

It’s time to take a look at a further 10 areas that we can attract using social media. Do check out the separate Social Media Masterclass for a really good training on how to use social media.

Video class #5

In Section 4 of the workbook we start to look at paid advertising and how to spend as little as possible for the biggest return.

Video class #6

Our final 10 strategies are focused on running events that will bring you in new students. Finally a little wrap up to finish.