Enquiry to Enrolment System

Do you have enquiries and students that come along for a trial lesson that somehow seem to fall through the cracks? You can’t quite work out where they went or if they even signed up? Maybe you lose more students than you realise due to your lack of an onboarding nurture sequence that highly converts new enquiries into students?

I was always too busy to really spend a lot of time chatting or emailing lengthy emails back and forth. I assumed my admin team and teachers did a great job when new students attended my studio for trials but I didn’t really know if I’m honest.

I certainly didn’t have it well and truly organised and there was no real system in place. Some students might enjoy a great experience whilst others not so great. I lacked consistency in my approach to new students and their families.

This resulted in fairly mediocre conversion rates maybe 50%.

If this sound like you, then golly gosh do I have an incredible training coming up for you that will be a game changer in your school!!!

NOt only will we craft a beautiful experience for your new families that will blow them away but I will also teach you how to automate it all so it takes very little time. This masterclass will be invaluable. You will love it!!

The first Impressions
In the first video we will discuss how to respond to phone calls, emails and messages on social media. It’s not as simple as you may think, there is very specific language and psychology that backs up my system. Following the steps in the workbook I will show you exactly how to make this first touch point work brilliantly for you. It includes free pdf downloads and done for you templates to make this a quick and easy first step in the system for you to implement.
The software

Now we have built those very strong first connections we move on to look at a simple and easy to use piece of free software to create help us implement our special new onboarding system. In this video I talk you through the initial set up and how to get started from scratch. So easy even a tech dinosaur can do this...I promise!  

Creating the conversion pipeline and how to set it up in the software

Now we are all set up this is where the real magic happens. Crafting the stepping stones and tracking of your new enquiries. Never again will you lose track of a new student, plus via this systematic approach you can guarantee that every new customer experiences the exact same service from your school.

The WOW factors

Now to add the sparkle ( we all love a bit of sparkle). These are what I call the wow factors. This is how you get to stand out amongst your competitors and truly impress your new students having them all rave about you in the school playground. 

Automated email sequence

In video 5 I will walk you through exactly how to set up a series of automated emails to beautifully complement but more importantly take some of the work off your hands. Your customers will enjoy hearing lot’s of vital and impressive information about your school without you lifting a finger. 

Overcoming the hurdles when they say “no”

Finally we shall second guess our customers reactions and deal with the problem before they even arise. This last step helps to ensure maximum conversion rates. Lastly enjoy ticking off the checklist at the end of the workbook finalising your training. Now you have a fabulous fool proof, systemised conversion strategy like no other!! Sit back and enjoy the benefits and all of those extra students that are now fully in love with your school. 

 I felt this is worth every second of my time, the course is clearly mapped to make you feel accomplished after every section and best of all it’s all in bite size chunks which don’t take up a huge amount of time! I can’t wait to do more of Deborah’s masterclasses and I would highly  recommend this to everyone!  -JESSICA WARD

So let's go, what are you waiting for! Come join me my lovelies...