As dance teachers and dance business owners you all have an incredible underlying passion - you love to inspire and nurture little humans (or big humans for that matter). You teach from the heart and you sometimes also make decisions in your business from the heart. In fact we are all heart hey!!!


But Here’s a Question

All those emotions you feel and all those beautiful values you hold dear, do your students and families actually feel, know and experience these in all that you do?

Do you have a set of 5-6 core values that are clear and concisely shared to your market?
Do your team know your schools values and use them in their teaching and the experience they give to your students?
How do you share your values and how often?

The purpose of establishing a set of values

If you speak consistently about what the core essence is in your school then Jo Public start to pick up on this. The ones that share similar values to yours will start to become more inquisitive, because you have resonated with them. You will receive enquiries from students that feel connected to you and before you know it viola... you are attracting your dream students!

Your school will fill up with parents and students that feel the same as you and act and behave in a way congruent with your character and vision. It's quite exquisite and beautiful. Before you know it the school is acting, behaving and even talking in your language. No more unhappy customers or parents that always seem so underwhelmed with what you offer.

Just happy, easy to please, smiley families and children that love and support all you do in your school.

What a dream right!!

Olivia here, was pretending she misunderstood a value exploring.

My own personal values in my dance business are Exploring - Success - Care - Confidence + Independence.

They appear on my website, in my mission statement, in my fliers, on my social media channels and at least one of the words pops up in every bit of marketing I ever do.

I even did a fun series of Xmas social media posts with my seniors one year where we posted a film we made taking the micky out of my values - a great end of term lesson.

Mission statement
Once you have really thought through your values, how about you weave them into your mission statement? My mission statement on my dance school website has every one of my values in it and they are even highlighted to stand out. You can check them out here and how a mission statement can you and feel. www.dancelabdevon.com

Finally you will need a strap line or tag line.
This is a one sentence summary of all that you stand for. For example, my tag line for Dance Business Lab is "Helping you create the school of your dreams"

What is yours?
You can use this to feature on your schools merchandise, on your website, on your marketing and in fact anywhere where your mission statement would be too long but you want people to know what you are all about. Make sure it has an emotion in it somewhere.
What is yours?
Have a go at completing the following:
Values (5 is fairly normal)
Mission statement (a small paragraph)
Tag or Strap line - No more than one sentence.
Now... enjoy using them and watching those dreams students tumble through your studio doors!

Want to experience the magic of values elicitation with me?

If you are not sure how to find your values in the first instance or how to write a mission statement that I can help you here. In my deep dive bespoke 1-1 session named - Values elicitation I walk you through the most wonderful and moving coaching experience exploring your early years in dance right to the current day. Using my NLP training and inquisitive use of language I take you on a journey into your past and present. By the end of the hour with me you will have your 5 values, your beautifully crafted mission statement and even your strap line. Cost £100.

This could be the most powerful process to finding more of your dream students and the best £100 marketing money spent.


Here is what Rachel Benton from Bounce Dance Academy says of her Values Elicitation session with me:

“At the time I did my values elicitation with Deborah I was at a particular low point with my business. Deborah asked me a series of questions, it was a very emotional session that helped remind me of the love, and reasons I run my dance school. I can never thank Deborah enough for helping me find my values that drive me and for helping me design such a powerful marketing tool to attract my dream students. I cannot recommend enough”


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