Retention Solution

The biggest and quickest way to grow your school is to improve your retention. The more you keep your students happy and the longer they stay the less time and money you have to spend on attracting new ones.

In this game changing Masterclass “Retention Solutions” I will teach you some invaluable ways to keep your students for a really long time. You will learn how to work out what your retention rate is, how to tackle the reasons why people leave, ways to map put a years retention, what you should be spending on retention and so much more.

You will finish the Masterclass confident that your students will be receiving an incredible experience at your school which will separate you from your competitors and have your families happily raving about you. Less time and money will need to go into marketing and your profits will increase as your students stay longer and do more classes.

All this for just £50. What are you waiting for?

What is your retention?

In this first video I shall teach you the simple maths on how to work out your retention rates. This is super interesting and crucial to gauging how well you are currently performing. 

Discovering the reasons why students leave.

We shall work at finding out the reasons people leave your school, afterall we can’t fix a problem if we do not know what it is. Enjoy “my done for you” email templates to make this super quick and easy.

12 months student retention map

This strategy gets me organised and makes me focus on keeping my students super happy. What do happy students make, raving fans that will spread the word!  Not only do you get taught how to create this 12 month map but you also get my 24 ideas free giveaway booklet. You won’t even need to come up with your events for the 12 month map.

Refined Student experience
Lastly let’s dive into how to make your classes special and how to lead your team to deliver fabulous classes that will retain. We shall also discuss other highly relevant ways to create a culture of students that stay forever following my “retain forever system”

How to Create a Customer Survey in Survey Monkey

 I felt this is worth every second of my time, the course is clearly mapped to make you feel accomplished after every section and best of all it’s all in bite size chunks which don’t take up a huge amount of time! I can’t wait to do more of Deborah’s masterclasses and I would highly  recommend this to everyone!  -JESSICA WARD

So let's go, what are you waiting for! Come join me my lovelies...