Dance Boss Savvy

OK it’s time to stop messing about and start embracing technology my friends. Nowadays very clever very nerdy people have gone above and beyond to make your life easy by magically creating “techie stuff” to save you hours of blood sweat and tears in the office and you may not be using it! There are systems, software and apps that can literally change your life, your business and your income over night.

In this masterclass I will introduce you to some of my most beloved systems that have taken my admin workload from 80 hours per month to just 2-3 hours per week. I am not joking, systems and software have been the making of my business and now I want to help them transform yours too.

If you are open to learning and investing time in implementing you too could find yourself with serious extra time on your hands to work on the big business building strategies instead of the mundane running of the school admin tasks (or if you prefer you could use the extra time in the spa or being a lady that lunches.


In this first video I shall share with you my number 1 favourite and most important system. I shall be explaining to you what it does and how it can save you time. I shall give you some options on which ones to research and hopefully inspire you to see the benefit of using a CRM.


This is a big must in fact my number 2 system I couldn’t live without. Here is how to manage EVERYTHING in your business. Your number 1 organisational tool. You won’t know yourself!


This software holds a special place in my creative heart. I literally can have fun in this system for hours. Transport your image, branding and all visual aspects of your business in here. Just be careful you don’t enjoy this one so much that you  go into here and come out hours later! My third favourite and simply couldn’t live without piece of technology.

Plus a couple of other design apps I love to transform your branding.

Customer Services

It is so important in fact vital that our students and families are constantly impressed by us and that we meet with their expectations. These apps and systems allow me to give my customers a fabulous experience in my business. I cannot wait to share these with you. 


Video 5 is all about getting software to literally do things for you on automation. Organise and automate a bunch of your workload using these systems. Hours and hours of work simply done for you and all you have to do is set it up once.


There are 3 apps I shall share in this video. I shall also pop in my email strategies for reducing your inbox and dealing with emails efficiently. 

Bonus Bits & Bobs

These are my last 5 Systems bits of gold. In this video I go into each one fairly briefly. Pick out what you think you will need and want to use for your business. These are my leftovers that don’t really fall into any category as such but that may be useful for you. 

So let's go, what are you waiting for! Come join me my lovelies...